About Trade Fair

For many years The Trade Fair of Equipment and Products for Gastronomy FOOD-to-GO in Gdansk has been a response for needs of catering industry in North of Poland. The comprehensive offer of around 100 exhibitors, dedicated to representatives of restaurants, bars, cafes, ice cream shops, confectioneries and bakeries, attracts around 3000 professional visitors from the industry, who are looking for inspiration before the beginning of the touristic season. Over 70% of visitors are people responsible for decision making in their companies. FOOD-to-GO Trade Fair is the best opportunity to present novelties, products and solutions, which will upgrade catering facilities on the seaside.

The theme of The 8th FOOD-to-GO is bistro in Polish style – the place combining restaurant, café, confectionery and bar, where it is possible to eat quickly but still in nice atmosphere.

What makes FOOD-to-GO special?

  • Interesting accompanying programme, comprehensive offer of Exhibitors and professional Visitors are the advantages of FOOD-to-GO Trade Fair

  • FOOD-to-GO Trade Fair is the most important event in the gastronomic industry in Northern Poland.

  • Special thematic zones, which are not present at any other gastronomic fair in Poland, and which will make it possible for every Exhibitor to find best place to present their product.

  • The programme of workshops is created together with highly valued experts of the industry

  • The Trade Fare is organised by the group of professionals, who organise also HORECA® the International Trade Fair of Hotel and Catering Equipment in Krakow. It brings an opportunity to check catering industry both in north and south of Poland.

Industry clients

  • Restaurateurs

  • Owners of cafes, ice cream shops, confectionery and bakeries

  • Managing directors, purchasing agents of fast food chains, fast casual restaurants

  • Owners and managers of hotels, guest houses, holiday resort

  • Hoteliers

  • People planning to start catering activities in a seasonal seaside resorts

  • Representatives of catering distributors and wholesale outlets

Product range




  • Kitchen furnishing and equipment  for restaurants, bars, pizzerias and eateries
  • Ice-cream and whipped cream machines
  • Dessert condiments, confectionery mixes, desserts
  • Equipment and accessories for brewing and serving coffee, tea and chocolate
  • Food products and semi-products: cold meat, dairy products, bread, chilled and frozen food, vegetables and fruit
  • Ready-made meals and beverages
  • Seasonings and condiments: spices, sauces, dressings, ketchup, mustard, etc.
  • Packaging for take-away, packaging for sandwiches and drinks, disposable tableware, cutlery, napkins, labels
  • IT solutions: organisational, marketing, consulting
  • Distribution systems for snacks and beverages
  • Catering systems and solutions, mobile catering, banqueting tents
  • Hygiene, cleaning systems